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Oolong Tea Goes Beyond Sweet

Rituals have a way of touching our bodies and souls; they help us to develop and strengthen bonds with ourselves and others. They even nourish in a way that can lead to self-awareness. Performing simple rituals every day help to “ground us” and keep us in the moment, yet allows us to piece our life together as if it were a masterpiece – and it is! The term “Tea Time” is much more than the simple act of brewing tea and consuming it.

Eastern societies created an exotic painstaking list blooming tea balls of procedures for the entire process, from what types of teas to use, to the containers for each step, to how to arrange the table, which teapot to use for the occasion, how to act, and much more. The Brits have incorporated the use of Tea Time as a sort of fourth meal, and includes rituals varying from very formal to casual and everything in between.

Teas come in many varieties, from common black tea, which can be somewhat bitter, to gourmet teas from around the world, made from exotic herbs. There are teas available for every pocketbook. Teas have many medicinal uses and are quite helpful to us. They can be used to help us wake up or be more alert, help us sleep when we can’t, and aid us when we’re sick.

The simple act of pouring fresh water into a glass teapot, heating the water, placing your favorite herbal teas into the pot, while allowing it all to steep covered for a few minutes, with the aroma of herbs whirling around you is so invigorating! If your hands are cold, snuggle up against this brew and it will not only warm your hands, but your spirit as well.

Glass teapots are a favorite choice for many lovers of Tea Time, and for many reasons. Glass is a great conductor of heat and will draw all the precious nutrients and flavor out of the tea of your choice. So you’ll know that you’re not throwing away any of the “good stuff” after brewing the recommended time. Secondly, watching your tea simmer and brew can be a very enjoyable experience. It will delight your senses!

There are some teas now that are assembled together to appear like a large flower, ready to bloom once you drop it into the teapot with hot water. It’s almost magical to watch this clump of aromatic material literally transform right before your very eyes, suggesting a blooming flower. If your glass pot does not have a glass strainer at the lip of the pot, you’ll need a metal strainer. The strainer is very important because after extracting an infusion, you’ll pour tea into the cup and you will omit getting any unwanted bitter leaves.


Prepping and Painting Garden Decking

If you’re planning to install a new deck or repair an existing one, you’ll want to prepare and paint the surface in preparation for a great finish. There are a number of things to take into consideration when it comes to prepping and painting your deck, including the type of wood you’re using, the weather and the time of year you’ll be doing the work.

Stain vs paint

Stain and paint are both good ways to protect your deck. They both provide a barrier against water and UV rays. You can choose from a variety of colors and finish to match the style of your home. But before you decide, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Unlike paint, which adds a thick, opaque coating, stain absorbs into the wood. That means it won’t hide flaws and imperfections, but it will highlight the grain and other natural markings. It also tends to offer better protection from UV fading.

While stain doesn’t offer as much color choice as paint, it’s also easier to apply and maintain. It can also be cleaned with a solution of TSP. It can also last longer. It’s typically cheaper.

Check for rotting wood

If you plan on painting your garden decking, you should check for rotting wood before you do. This type of damage can occur in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of wood and the location of the damage, you may need to replace the rotting wood or replace the entire deck.

Rotted wood will be crumbly and mushy. It will also have a dark color. If you notice a lot of splintering, cracking, or spotting in the area, it is likely that there is a problem.

Another symptom of wood rot is the presence of mold. Mold gives off a musty, earthy smell. This type of mold can also appear as white patches or purple spots around the area where rot is taking place. It can also cause structural damage if not addressed in a timely manner.

Apply primer

If you want to paint your garden deck, you will need to prep the wood. The primer will protect the wood from wear and tear and also make it easier for the new paint to stick. This will help the deck last longer.

To prepare your deck, you will need to wash it with your garden hose to remove organic growth and residue. This is especially important for older decks. It is better to wait at least six months before painting.

A quality primer can last several years and will make your deck look much better.

When choosing a primer, be sure to choose one that is compatible with the new

paint you will use. A latex or oil-based primer will work well for wood. It is also a good idea to get one that has a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content. This will reduce the amount of paint fumes you are exposed to. Also read Painters Geelong

Paint all 6 sides of every board

If you want to improve the look of your deck, it might be time to paint it. A coat of paint will hide some of the flaws and imperfections in your deck’s surface. Plus, it gives it a new, fresh look. Painting is also an excellent way to bring an old deck back to life.

To determine the amount of paint you’ll need, calculate the area of your deck by multiplying the length by the width. If your deck is 10-ft by 20-ft, you’ll need about 200 square feet. This means you should buy two gallons of paint. You’ll need to paint your deck at least once every two or three years.

Avoid high temperatures

When you are painting your garden decking, you want to make sure that you avoid high temperatures. This is because they can cause streaks and other problems. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening. The best way to do this is to pay attention to your surroundings.

To begin, you need to keep in mind that the sun will dry your stain too quickly. This can result in a patchy finish. It can also wreak havoc on the adhesion of the stain.

The best time to do this is in the early morning or the afternoon, before the heat of the day hits. This is because the shade can help to cool down the area.

Cost of hiring a deck staining company

When you hire a deck staining company, the cost of the job depends on a number of factors. These include the size of the deck, the type of stain that you choose, the condition of the wood, and the preparation work that is needed.

Most contractors charge by square foot for deck staining. They will also charge you separately for cleaning and staining.

Depending on the amount of prep work, your deck may require three to five hours of staining. It can take as long as two days for the stain to dry.

The costs for a professional deck staining service vary greatly. Some of these factors are labor costs, the type of stain used, and the type of equipment required.

The Three Greatest Lead Age Errors Little

In the event that you’ve been searching for basic, demonstrated and tried, bit by bit techniques for producing more leads for your private venture, then, at that point, this article may simply have the response. Right off the bat, I believe you should stop briefly and contemplate all the promoting you’ve seen throughout the last week.

What number of those real advertisements could you at any point name? Scientists gauge that throughout the course of recent days, you have been presented to upwards of 117,000 promotions in view of public midpoints. So out of 117,000 advertisements, what number of might you at any point name?

Assuming you’re genuinely mindful, you might have the option to concoct 3 or 4 explicit advertisements… yet, I’ll wager that is on the grounds that you presumably see those advertisements again and again… all day every day. How about we acknowledge the obvious issues… redundancy home works. At the point when you see any commercial on numerous occasions consistently you will undoubtedly in the long run start to review the promotion. Be that as it may, presently answer this inquiry.

What not many advertisements you do recall, what number of their items or administrations have you purchased? Since I have an energy for showcasing I will more often than not go on the web and examination for very much acknowledged promotions. Take for instance a progression of advertisements from internet exchanging organization E*Trade which utilizations infants to advance their items. These have a huge crowd on both television and YouTube. They even had one during the Superbowl. I believe they’re a shout. Be that as it may… I don’t have an E*Trade account. Never have, never will. For what reason would it be a good idea for me?

What advantages do they offer me as an expected purchaser of internet exchanging administrations that any of the many other stock exchanging administrations offer? See my point? Does a wise guy, kidding child have any importance to online stock exchanging at all? Obviously not. So for what reason does E*Trade keep on making these advertisements? In all honesty, there is an explanation… furthermore, toward the finish of this brief show, you’ll completely figure out what that reason is.

Organizations today are persuaded to think that all they need to do to construct an effective business is make some sort of eye catching type of showcasing and they will create drives freely. Nothing could be further from reality. Furthermore, that is simply in the space of promoting. What might be said about producing quick income? Each private company needs to produce quick income. So how would you do that as an entrepreneur? Shouldn’t something be said about producing benefits? It is perfect to Produce more income… be that as it may, not in the event that you don’t get to place any of it in your pocket by the day’s end. How might you like the solutions to these issues?

In this article I will uncover to you the three greatest lead age botches entrepreneurs make… what’s more, frame the way that you can defeat them.

Here are the three errors. Botch #1… they neglect to get proficient assistance. Botch #2… they don’t have the foggiest idea about the basics expected to effectively showcase their business and draw in however many new clients as their business can deal with. Furthermore, botch #3… they have no clue about how to utilize their promoting to produce quick income. How about we investigate these three inside and out, and show you how you can without much of a stretch and methodicallly conquer every last one of them.

Botch #1… entrepreneurs neglect to get proficient assistance. Could you at any point name me only one expert competitor who doesn’t have a mentor? There aren’t any. Tiger Woods really has a sum of 9 mentors directing him in everything from his golf match-up to his monetary speculations. Be that as it may, do entrepreneurs truly require proficient assistance? Recollect the television advertisements we recently talked about? Those promotions are made by “experts.” Sadly, those experts do not know what they’re doing. All that they’re doing in showcasing and it is inappropriate to promote today! However, let me demonstrate that to you at the present time.

On the off chance that you right now utilize any type of showcasing like a print promotion, pamphlet, postcard, flyer… or on the other hand besides… your organization site, take it out and take a gander at it cautiously. Furthermore, in the event that you have no type of promoting at present, take out a piece of paper and sketch out your thought process would make for a powerful advertisement for your business. It doesn’t need to be anything formal or extravagant… simply make an essential blueprint of the promotion and where you would find the different components on the page.

Since you have your promotion… or on the other hand a model of your promotion sitting before you, let me furnish you with the semi-secret mysteries that produce a bigger number of leads than your business can deal with. the vast majority of all showcasing experts DON’T have the foggiest idea about the lead age mysteries I’m going to uncover to you. This data is so strong and convincing, it will situate you in the top 1% of all lead age experts today. This model will show you why each entrepreneur ought to obtain our bit by bit guide as they begin to produce leads for their business.

A genuine showcasing expert will know this… also, assist you with carrying out into your advertising. It’s known as the “promoting condition.” This advertising condition will allow you to stop contending on cost… also, let you begin selling your item or administration for what it’s truly worth. You will drive in additional leads and increment your promoting reaction by 10 to in excess of multiple times. You will change over a higher level of those leads and emphatically increment your number of deals. You will get a greater value for your showcasing money. The main concern is this you will in a real sense make a benefit fixture that you will have Complete command over.

In the first place, you Should comprehend what showcasing should do. Its motivation is really three crease. Its most memorable occupation is to catch the consideration of your objective market. Second, it should give them the expectation that perusing or standing by listening to your showcasing will give them enough data to assist them with pursuing the most ideal choice conceivable while purchasing anything you sell. All in all, train and show them how to perceive the genuine worth of your item or administration… what’s more, reason that you… what’s more, you alone… offer the best worth versus your opposition. Showcasing’s third occupation is to bring down the gamble of making the following stride in the purchasing system… furthermore, if important… keep on instructing the possibility in regards to the worth you offer.

Advertising that achieves these three targets will bring about your possibilities and clients arriving at one single resolution, that they would need to be a flat out moron to work with any other individual however you, paying little heed to cost. It’s assessed that as numerous as 96% of all private ventures flop inside their initial 5 years. The principal justification behind this hugely high disappointment rate has to do with the absence of skill with regards to creating leads and making the telephone ring.

Most private ventures know nothing about those three things that advertising should do. But at the same time there’s an unexpected issue to consider. Most entrepreneurs utilize a strategic promoting approach rather than an essential methodology. Allow me to make sense of.

Running a promotion in the nearby paper… conveying an email or standard mail letter… circulating a radio or television promotion on a neighborhood media station are instances of strategic showcasing. Presently don’t misunderstand me… the paper, radio or post office based mail can find success showcasing channels… Assuming that your promoting message is strong and convincing. Yet, the issue lies with that… the message is the essential side of showcasing… but, it’s the most ignored.

This qualification among vital and strategic advertising is enormous and one you should be very much in the know about whenever you begin looking at producing more leads. Many organizations erroneously accept that when you discuss lead age, you’re naturally discussing strategic lead age… setting promotions, conveying mailers, joining a systems administration bunch, going to tradeshows, executing a possibility follow up framework, etc.

They neglect to understand that the essential side of the coin, what you say in your showcasing and how you say it is quite often more significant than the promoting medium where you say it. In the event that you neglect to make this qualification, you risk becoming fatigued towards specific types of promoting and publicizing that ought to be a piece of your strategic arrangement, yet you dispense with them from thought since they haven’t worked for you previously.

At the point when lead age results are not exactly ideal, entrepreneurs will generally quite often fault the showcasing medium… like the paper the promotion ran in or the postcards they conveyed. They fault the strategic piece of the arrangement… with no respect for how great or how terrible the essential informing in that advertising piece was. Individuals frequently make statements like, “we attempted radio and it doesn’t work for our sort of business,” or “we conveyed 50,000 bits of regular postal mail and just produced 3 orders. It simply doesn’t work.”

Since it didn’t work, don’t expect that it won’t work. The vast majority don’t have the assessment abilities or the skill to decide whether unfortunate promoting results from unfortunate system or poor strategic execution. This is where our bit by bit guide can create a greater number of leads than your business can deal with.

For instance, most entrepreneurs depend vigorously on axioms in their advertising. They make statements like – we have the most minimal costs… the best help… we’re family claimed and worked… we offer helpful hours… the best worth… also that we’ve been doing business beginning around 1431 B.C. Take a gander at your own promoting that I requested that you obtain or make prior. What number of clichés did you use in your own promoting?

Incidentally, this isn’t your shortcoming. Entrepreneurs have been molded to think this is the legitimate method for advertising their organizations… since most promoting follows this equivalent woeful advertising recipe… counting the Fortune 500 sorts.

As individuals, we as a whole are after only one thing when we purchase something… the best arrangement! Tragically, when you use maxims in your showcasing, it’s absolutely impossible to tell who is really offering the best arrangement. Everybody says they have the least costs, the greatest and the best rates. So who do you accept? There’s just a single method for knowing.

Want a Miracle? Shift Your Perception


Continuing with the next section: “you have appointed as the one for me to ask.” I really like this because it allows us to view the situation from a completely different point of view . . . that God, in His Infinite Wisdom, and the Divine in each of us in our Infinite Wisdom, has created this person, this situation, as an opportunity to reclaim our divinity, which we have obviously temporarily forgotten.

This one, this person, this situation, this ucdm circumstance offers “to lead me to the Holy Light in which he stands” . . . because of course, in Truth, that person is a Child of God JUST LIKE ME AND YOU. Your Divine Self knows that and issues you an engraved invitation “that I may join with him.”

There you go – a bridge to the miracle in one holy instant! By viewing this situation through the eyes of the Divine, then you get to make a choice to have your very own miracle! Which in and of itself is a miracle wouldn’t you say? By choosing to see the Good, the God, the Divine, the Holiness in that person’s heart, or situation, YOU get the GRAND PRIZE! The Gift!! The Miracle! You get to reclaim your divinity AND join with another in theirs! Does it really get any better than that?

In summary we have broken down this quote: “Let me behold my savior in this one You have appointed as the one for me to ask to lead me to the holy light in which he stands, that I may join with him” and now understand what a true gift it offers. Instead of seeing a conflict with another person, I can choose to see that I have an opportunity to see the Go[o]d in this person, which allows me to join with him and realize that we really are at one with each other because of the Go[o]d within each of us. And suddenly, I am no longer separated from my good, and neither is he. A win-win if ever there is one!

At the end of the day, the best way to bring the good into your life, is to unclench your fists, change your mind and allow your heart to open. All we have to do is recognize that every experience is an opportunity for our greater good, as long as we make the choice to see it that way.

Stephanie Bell is an Author, Speaker and Coach. She has studied A Course In Miracles and other metaphysical teachings for over 25 years and assists spiritual seekers feel more peace and joy by creating a personal relationship with a God of their own understanding.